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About Us

We offer innovative mobile software solutions to automate and simplify your business operations. Our cross platform technology allows our clients to benefit from a consistent experience across all platforms and devices. We specialize in client server solutions using cloud based infrastructure to secure your data and scale with your growth. We use modern project management and software development techniques to efficiently produce solutions that are tested, stable, scalable, and intuitive.

Acrotech Solutions delivers the results you expect.

About Acrotech


Acrotech Solutions builds custom mobile and client server software solutions, hardware integrations, and provides consulting and support for all technical needs. We specialize in C# software development, targeting Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android as deployment platforms. We provide setup, configuration, maintenance, and support for Windows and Linux/Unix Servers. We can transition your on-site systems into cloud based solutions with automated data backups and discrete backup recovery plans. We can help you select the best hardware and software for your needs and help navigate the various vendors for the best price.

At Acrotech Solutions, we take the guess work out of technology and give you the results that you expect.

    • Custom Applications
    • Mobile & Tablet
    • Design & Architecture

    Software Development

    • Schema Architecture
    • Query Optimization
    • Database Migration
    • Data Mining
    • Custom Reports

    Database Management

    • Application Servers
    • Databases
    • Content Delivery
    • Disaster Recovery

    Cloud Hosting

    • Installation
    • Configuration & Setup
    • Maintenance

    System Hardware

    • On Site Hardware
    • On Site Software

    Technical Support

    • Architecture Planning
    • Hardware Procurement
    • Systems Analysis
    • Custom Software Solutions


Our Work

Acrotech Solutions believes in contributing back to the development community with tools and libraries that can help benefit everyone. If any project we develop requires a generic utility or library of any sort we will develop this component with an open source license and publish the source at our public source repositories. We believe that by giving back to the community we can help stimulate the advancement of software development as a whole. Education in software development starts with a strong culture of sharing and collaboration.

The Team


  • Pat Sissons


    Pat is a veteran software architect, engineer, and developer. Pat has been working with and developing mobile software since the early 2000's, long before smart phones and tablets were the industry standard for mobile development. Pat is active in the open source development community, focusing on extensions and plugins for open source .NET projects and frameworks. Outside of software development, Pat is a technology hobbyist and can often be found working on custom hardware deployments, networking solutions, and general technology projects. Pat is driven by the challenges that current technologies present, and is focused to always find the best solution to the problems he takes on.